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I forgot we had cupcakes. 


My sister has a bunch of bitches over. Well, not mean bitches. Bitches in reference to females. Anyways, they are making oreo cupcakes and they won’t share >:|

High as fuq and won’t help a sista out.

The bug man is here and he creeps me out. He is so burly and Shrek like. 

Killin’ dem bugs.

Tim and I went to PetSmart today!

Get ready for animal spam.

Slowriter is the shit to listen to while high.

Areeee youuu readdyyyy

for high blogging times with Quinn!

On a side note, I don’t like Chipotle.

I realized that when I am high. I am constantly playing out scenarios in my head. They are all about people if I were to of met, what I would say to them. Either they be a friend or foe.