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Things that need to get done tomorrow— because I have been putting them off for forever!

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The past few days I have felt; lack for a better word, “bored”. I am so set in a routine that my days have become so predictable and boring. There is something missing and I am going to find what exactly that is.

You know what sucks?

Having to look for a new apartment because your awesome best-friend of a roommate is going to a different school next year.


I long for social interactions; aside from my roommate and boyfriend. I wish I wasn’t such a flake when it comes to hanging out. I am given all these opportunities to do things, but I always say no. I am too ok with being in my safe zone. I really need to break out of this shell I have built around myself- First I need to make friends.

Currently studying my life away.

You guys, I swear whenever it hits fall/winter time my life is at complete ease. Everything is just going; lack of a better word, “right”. 

Save Georgia’s Coast~


Everyone should go read this!

My uncle is participating in this, if you read the article he is Phillip Hodges. This is such an extraordinary thing to do for our coastlines. They are asking for donations and I am by no means saying this is why you should read the article, but you should read it and just be known to what is going on and if you want to donate to the organization, you should! 

Your pledge will help raise money for eight non-profit organizations dedicated to the protection and restoration of Georgia’s coast:

Altamaha Riverkeeper
Center for a Sustainable Coast
Glynn Environmental Coalition
Ogeechee Riverkeeper
Satilla Riverkeeper  
Savannah Riverkeeper
Sierra Club

I complain about being tired, yet I stay up till 3am.

My little kitty baby gets neutered tomorrow morning. Which means I have to drive 2 hours back to my home-home TONIGHT, so I can take him at 7:15am >.< I also just got home from school and I am pooped. I wish I could teleport.